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The most unique feature Sanristu employs in all of their washer assembly units is the positive fixed set-up positions and a design which eliminates "hit and miss" guess work for the operator; this provides consistency, repeatability and speed in the screw to washer assembly process.

Sanritsu systems can also be customized to specific customer requirements that include: standoffs, complex assemblies, miniature assemblies, as well as composite materials now being used in many industries.

Sanritsu Assembly systems can assemble: flat washers, external tooth lock washers, internal tooth lock washers, split lock washers, conical washers, square washers, multiple washers, and special washers.

Sanritsu Washer Assembly Systems Offer:

  • High speed production up to 500 pieces per minute.
  • Screw to washer pick-up rates of over 98%.
  • Operator friendly: quick changeover, very few moving parts, comfortable working level and visibility