Tanisaka Tanisaka cold heading machines are built with rugged dependability for 3 shift high speed production for 10 years without rebuild. Our 3/16 one die two blow machine model TNST-4 weighs 6,600 lbs.

Tanisaka cold headers feature a heavy duty counter balance system - it is not necessary to bolt our machines to the floor. Our cold headers will not "walk" or vibrate when producing parts at 400 pieces per minute.

Model types include: One Die, Two Die and 2 Die 3 Blow. Sizes range from 4mm to 10mm in most model types.


-  First and second transfer assembly are a cassette for out of machine set-up. (THT and TPH models).

-  Split die block allows easier and quicker die resetting compared with a solid die block. (solid die blocks are available).

-  Total protective cover for optimum noise reduction, safety and easy accessibility to critical areas of the machine.

-  Two-Button start system and cover Interlock System for maximum safety.

-  Heavy Duty Mitsubishi Main Drive Motor featuring a rugged air hydraulic brake for total instant control, start and stops.

-  Unique, overbuilt, balancing system featuring specially weighted crank shaft to ensure stable operation at high speed. The machine does not have to be fastened to the floor.

-  Precise closed Bushing Cut-off system.

-  Electric Overload Detection System, to sense and detect change in heading pressure allowing instant shut down.

-  All specially hardened and ground cams, punch blocks, die blocks, cutter arms, etc...

-  Oil Pressure Switch and Air Pressure Switch to insure normal operating pressure before running the machine.

-  All Omron electrical components, controls, magnetic switches, solenoids, etc. readily available in the United States and from our spare parts stock.

-  Pneumatic control of feed rolls for positive clamping control and pressure on feeding of wire.

-  Process monitor for production, pre-set and total parts counters.

-  High frequency face hardening on ground finishes combined with internal forced lubrication system which guarantees high strength and wear resistance.

-  Air actuated sensing system for knockout pin.

-  In the event of a problem in the die area, this will not result in breakage of the K.O. lever as the air line will detect loss of pressure and shut the machine off instantly.

-  Fixed precision ground punch block drive system.

-  With this system if there is wear in the punch rocker area only a new roller is replaced on the machine. There is no need for constant adjusting.

-  Precision Gears.

-  All our gears on our machines are precision ground tooth helical gears as opposed to straight tooth gears made on a gear machine.

-  Unique kick out lever system for knockout pin.

-  We construct a kick out lever located in the rear of the machine, which controls the knock out pin, which kicks the part out of the die. We feature a system whereby the cam runs the entire lever and has an adjustable roller. Our kick out cam is "cam forward and cam back". It is not a spring loaded system.

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