Today all products are becoming smaller and there are ever increasing demands for higher and higher quality. AYASE Miniature Cold Heading Machines help you to meet both of these challenges.

 Our models types include: 1 die 2 blow, 2 die 3 blow(finger and fingerless transfer), mini long stoke, high speed micro former and bi-metal electrical contact rivet machines. All models are capable of producing semi-tubular rivets and some models can produce tubular and button rivets.

 The Ayase machine is capable to hold tighter tolerances than other heading machines because the heading slide has .0015 play vs. .005 play in other headers. This is critical when manufacturing miniature fasteners with tight tolerances, like components for computer disc drives, business equipment parts, medical parts, and similar micro screws.


- Feed Roll System with Heavy duty one way clutch. This system is ideal for production of miniature parts as    it insures a positive method of wire feed without slippage.
- Knockout Relief System. This knockout relief mechanism in the die, allowing for better filling of corners and    shoulders in the head.
- Positive Knock-out(PKO) in punches. The advantage of this system is that is provides the ability to    
   accurately push the materials out of the punches and back into the die. This allows for the machine line to    produce the largest possible head.
- High quality moving parts. All moving parts ride on roller bearings, needle, cam followers, etc. These parts    insure the long life expectancy of Ayase machines and the performance needed to produce miniature           components.
- Sensors and safety. Short-feed sensors, electric overload detectors, punch breakage sensors, oil pressure    switches, two-button start systems, protective cover sensors are all standard on all Ayase headers.
- Fine adjustment system. Fine adjustments for the punch block can be performed to ensure tight tolerances    are kept.
- Speed control. Inverters are standard on all Ayase miniature heading machines.
- Heavy-duty drive units. Drive motors installed on Ayase headers are heavy-duty and are proven to give
   high performance and long life.

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