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to Cold Formers USA, LLC

Cold Formers USA is an American based company, committed to offer Japanese Machinery which by tradition is in general of the highest quality. We offer new and re-built machines, as well as technical support and field service. We are factory trained on all the equipment we offer including but not limited to Technical Support, Tooling and Tool Design, Processing Layouts, Full Turnkey Manufacturing and on site set up and support for all our equipment.
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Cold Formers USA and Towa are proud to announce the introduction of their new TOWA CNC MACHINE. Model TO-5A to the fastener industry.
The Towa machine is one of the most popular cam driven type secondary operation machines for shaving, cutting, turning, chamfering, pointing, drilling, traverse cut and Tapping.
Today all products are becoming smaller and there are ever increasing demands for higher and higher quality. AYASE Miniature Cold Heading Machines help you to meet ...
Tanisaka cold heading machines are built with rugged dependability for 3 shift high speed production for 10 years without rebuild. Our 3/16 one die two blow machine model TNST-4 weighs 6,600 lbs.
Sanritsu Washer Assembly Machines Custom built high speed washer assembly systems designed with versatility in handling many different types of washers, multiple washers and high speed assembly.
Kyoei Thread and Form Rolling Machines is a precision form and thread rolling machines for complex parts of the medical, aerospace, electronics, and automotive industries.

Technical Support and Service

Upon delivery, every machine is followed up with a visit by a Cold Formers USA technician for initial technical support. Extended technical support programs are also available. On-site classes at the customer's facility cover specified topics such as tool design, setup/changeover, preventive maintenance, etc.
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